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Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Innate Capital invests in businesses that help people align their finances with their values. Innate is excited to support future leaders who seek to make meaningful contributions to the business world in ways consistent with their personal values. The Innate Capital Scholarship Program is a modest contribution towards fostering such leaders.

Successful applicants are undergraduate students at highly selective universities or programs who have demonstrated a history of leadership and have a compelling vision for (1) the contributions they seek to make in business and (2) how their values will inform those contributions.

Scholarship recipients will receive the following benefits:

  1. A $1,000 stipend;
  2. Membership in the Innate Capital Scholarship Network; and
  3. An invitation to Innate Capital Quarterly Calls


  1. Enrolled at a highly selective undergraduate university or program in the US or Canada for the 2023 fall semester;
  2. Deeply interested in a career that combines ethical values and business leadership;
  3. Essay (150 – 300 words; see below for the prompt); and
  4. A current resume

Essay prompt:  Please describe your interest in working at the intersection between values and business. What contributions do you envision making to the business world and how would your values inform those contributions? 

Please email your resume, unofficial transcript and essay to  

Application Deadline: The 2024 application deadline will be released soon.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Zarah Lakhani, Boston College

Ali Makani, Harvard University

Shayan Shivji, University of Pennsylvania